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Aug 23, 2013 5:30pm EDT
tried to step in. breaks out between a bus driver and an unruly passenger in detroit it all started when the woman in the brown coat boarded the bus and her transfer card got stuck inside the scanner. she became agitated and started to yell at the driver. another passenger christopher jackson.. tried to intervene. you can see him step between them... but he says other people were egging them on and the fight escalated. incue: the ride spit... outcue: began right there on the spot." the woman hits the driver with her purse... and a brawl breaks out. the driver can be seen hitting the woman in the head, using her keys as a weapon. eventually, bystanders break them up and police are called. the driver is now out on occupational injury, but the bus driver union boss says she was defending herself and should not be fired. a gray end to the work week... but some changes on the way for this weekend. lets check in with dawn brown. marlon brown had a breakout game last night... why the undrafted rookie left the texans camp to come to baltimore... next in sports unlimited... ♪ i we up to a
Aug 19, 2013 4:00pm PDT
-- like detroit, but in california, a home of computing. was built to test a computerized system. allt feels different, but of the information you have any normal car translates very well. but the computer drives the car. >> it is technically applying all of my commands. vein is occurring with the drive motor. interactive motor. a computer tells the drive motor when to accelerate. we packed this vehicle full of a lot of capability. >> at the heart of it is a computer. >> yes. >> and that is the kind of thing we will have in the future, the idea that you have a steering wheel in your hand, but the computer doing all the work. >> and what is great about it is that a computer can respond more quickly than a human driver ever could. >> the university has also developed cars that can do without a driver altogether. the head of research at stanford thinks that there are things that computers can simply do better. >> really good at understanding the situation. we are not believe that good at controlling the vehicle. of this, wete much can actually come up with a smoother traffic flow and less
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2